The DishDasha or Thobe is the traditional dress for Arabs.  Arabs are unique in the style of their dressing across the peninsula. According to historians it is originated in Arabia.

Across the peninsula, style of Dishdasha changes according to countries cultural heritage and traditions. But the structure and color to a large extend is mostly similar. 

MOSACO presents a wide range of Dishdashas and accessories  through  special exclusive outlets 'DishDasha' .

At 'DishDasha' we offer:

  1. World Renowned quality fabric for dishdasha- summer and winter collections.
  2. Unmatched quality custom tailored dishdashas.
  3. Quality accessories for the dishdasha - ghutra, egal, keffiya, shemagh, cuff links, sandals, hand kerchives, leather wallets etc.



Visit your nearest DishDasha showroom

  1. Near Hyatt Center,
    Madina Road,
    Tel:651 9495
  2. Riyadh Plaza,
    Tahleyah Street,
    Tel : 667 6964
  3. Tahleyah  Street,
    Tel: 293 2010
  4. Main Street,
    Khamis Mushayt
    Tel: 220 2011
  6. Al Mahmal Center,
    Al Balad,
    Tel: 643 8439
  7. Behind Raymond Shop,
    King Saud Street,
    Tel:835 3548

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