The resplendent Dishdasha is a testimony to timeless elegance and a tribute to heritage. At MOSACO, we source the choicest fabrics from around the globe and offer custom tailoring for the perfect thobe.


Arabian Luxuries..The Beginning..

Thobe’s is an Arabian luxury garment. This apparel is increasingly popular among the middle east side. Thobe’s dates back to the middle ages and has since become the national attire in Saudi Arabia. In the Middle East, Thobe’s are Western equivalent to suits. It’s a proven fact that Arab men have superior taste in fashion albeit the simple and plain nature of their garment they choose. It’s the most fashionable and comforting garment they choose for all occasions.


We have a sartorial collection of the finest fabrics sourced from Italy, Switzerland, Japan and India.
Colours, textures and drapes abound, awaiting the delectation of our valued clients at our retail outlets.

Custom Tailoring

Perfect fit is not a luxury, but a necessity for the discerning personage. We offer custom tailoring for thobes and menswear apparel. The art of crafting the perfect clothing, has been mastered over decades of dedication and experience.