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Incepted in 1925, Raymond has been the epitome of Trust, Quality and Excellence. The state of the Art manufacturing, with its vertically and horizontally integrated units, enables Raymond to offer an exquisite range of fabrics. It has emerged as one of the preferred choices for top design houses, internationally. All wool, poly-wool, silk, polyester- viscose blend, 100% cotton, cotton blend, 100% linen, linen blend and other premium blends are marketed under the brand ‘Raymond Fine Fabrics’, available in myriad colours, weaves and designs.
Contemporary designs meet cutting edge technology for the perfect wardrobe of the corporate super achiever. Over the years, Park Avenue has won many awards and accolades for its innovative products, color palettes, designs, style and branding. A brand truly worthy of the leaders who are a step ahead of the rest of the world. Shirts, Trousers, Suits, Jackets, Formals, Leisure wear and Accessories complete the ensemble.
Launched in 1993, ColorPlus soon became the brand of choice for the trend-savvy, sophisticated modern young men. Its inimitable color palette and styling create a unique personality. Smart Casuals, Friday dressing and Quirky formals find expression here.
Parx is the brand of choice for the youngsters of today, whose attitude is reflected in their clothing… Vibrant and dynamic, their lives extending beyond work. Adaptable to a multitude of occasions, Parx spans various categories seamlessly, just like the generation it is meant for.
Raymond Ready to Wear, the apparel range of the Flagship brand, exudes leadership with sophistication and style. This range of formals, Suits, Blazers, Trousers, Shirts and Accessories combines dignified power dressing with elan and a delicate balance of impeccable luxe appeal and rich heritage.
Raymond is one of the largest vertically and horizontally integrated manufacturers of worsted suiting fabric in the world, extending across all wool, poly-wool, silk, polyester viscose blend, cotton blend, linen blend and other premium blends. Marketed under the brand ‘Raymond Fine Fabrics’, it is without question amongst the most sought after brands in the textile sector.
Raymond Made to Measure is a unique service, where not just your style but your personality and convenience is taken into account. The fashion consultant helps the customer arrive at the core needs and implements them in the garment, selecting the right kind of cuff, lapel, collar, styling. The customer can select the fabric from an assortment of swatches. The Master Tailor records precise measurements and offers the closest try-ons to establish the perfect silhouette. Photographs are taken from different angles to capture the fit, posture and gait for a true bespoke tailoring experience. The fabric is hand cut and is made in a state of the art facility, for a completely factory finished garment, made just to your specification. You don’t even need to give a trial. It is just like picking a garment off the rack in a retail store, as if it was just made for you.Once established, the details are recorded in the database, so that the customer can place future orders from any Raymond Made to Measure store.
Our experienced Master Tailors give you the perfect drape and fit for Raymond fine fabrics. At MOSACO, we have perfected the art of bespoke tailoring over decades of dedication, love and care for the art and craft of dressing a gentleman.